Reliability & Packaging Testing

In order to test the durability of our packaging before they reach you and your products, our in-house testing laboratory can help you determine packaging integrity and performance.

·       Vibration- simulates actual field and transport conditions

·       Compression- determine behavior of material under rushing loads or stackable weight limits

·       Drop- measures the durability of the carton during shipment

·       Edge Crush- measures the cross-direction rushing of corrugated board

·       Burst Strength- measures the burst resistance strength of corrugated board

·       Thickness & Density- measures the thickness of paper and corrugated board

·       Materials Analysis & Testing- Tests a diverse range of paper and corrugated materials in material identification and characterization, and structural analysis

·       Salt Fog- Measures adhesion and corrosion creep

·       UV Yellowing- Assessing if test subjects will stand the test of time under UV exposure

·       Accelerated aging & environmental simulations testing- Assessing the effect of different physical presentations of papers in the accelerated aging chamber

·       Humidity – assessing the moisture content of paper and paperboard

·       Pull-off – Testing the firmness of handles, PVC windows, and other applications

Chemical Testing Laboratory

We’ve invested nearly 3 million RMB into our chemical testing facility that span out to 120 square meter in size. Here, we analyze packaging and packaging materials for toxic analyses, contamination, product optimization, and other concerns. These tests will examine all components used in packaging including paper, films, polymers, foams, glues, coatings, paints, and metals. Below are some of the standards that we follow and test for:

·       EN71-3 (2013)— Supports the new chemical requirements of the EU Toys Safety Directive

·       ASTMF963-11- Standard consumer safety specification for toy safety

·       94/62/EC- EU Directive in preventing the creation of packaging waste to reduce the overall volume of packaging

·       RoHS- Restricting use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipments

·       CPSIA (H.R.4040)- Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for children’s products

·       SRS 018/SRS 082- Hasbro Quality Standards

·       Halogen- a chemical method used to determine if eletronic products are halogen-free.