As the leader in the printing and packaging industry, Voion utilizes our own software engineering and digital management team to deliver cutting-edge technology for intelligent packaging development and production. By combining big data analysis with printing and packaging expertise, Voion provides integrated intelligent solutions for anti-counterfeiting, supply chain management and creative marketing communication. Equipped with over 40 sets of printing presses for an average daily output of 2.5 million of print sheets. We specialize in precision manufacturing in order to obtain accurate and consistent results.

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Reverse Coating

Reverse Coating

Unlike conventional coating techniques, reverse coating uses two different coating materials with two rollers to create an extremely fine texture. In addition, it can also create a contrasting effect between a glossy and matte look.

Cast_CureCast and Cure

Cast and Cure technology is a cost-effective inline process that produces high-gloss, holographic effects through the usage of UV coatings and specialty film.

Soft Touch

Soft TouchA velvety texture can be created by adding on soft touch technology. This coating increases tactile appeal while resisting against fingerprint marks and scuffs.

Cold FoilCold Foil

The application of cold foil provides a luxurious metallic look and adds values to your product. Cold foil is most commonly used on products that call for a strong shelf appeal

Digital FoilDigital Foil

3D Digital foil uses piled UV coating to mimi the conventional foil effect, but with added advantages. The higher density level and precise application also provides flexibility similarly to digital printing that can help speed up the developing process.

3D Holographic3D Holographic

Create a mirror-like or cat-eye effect through our process of UV printing that ingrates and PET based coating.

Invisible PrintingInvisible Printing

Our invisible printing technology can print coded graph in micrometer level that is invisible to human eyes but could be identified by special equipment. The printed content offers an extremely high level of confidentiality as it cannot be duplicated